Ticket Order Deadline: 08/07/17

Orders placed after 08/07/17 are subject to availability.

The Passcode for this event is hounds

Each year thousands of Animals find themselves homeless in Central Indiana. Fourteen year-old Sophia loves puppies, kittens, and the FEVER! Her annual Hoops for Hounds night will take place on August 20th. Buying a ticket will help feed animals for a week or more depending on the ticket.

Every ticket purchased offers you a discount and gives a portion back to the Humane Society of Indianapolis. You can help Sophia reach her goal of saving as many lives as possible, by purchasing your discounted tickets today!

Each ticket purchased comes with a Fever hat , chips, hotdog, and a small Pepsi product


Password is hounds


A Fever game is perfect for entertaining clients, building camaraderie or simply having fun!