Ticket Order Deadline: 5/31/2018

Orders placed after 5/31/2018 are subject to availability.

Please help Kathryn with her donation for her 15th treatment. Kathryn has chosen Military families to donate Indiana Fever tickets for the May 24th game vs Washington Mystics. Each ticket you purchase will be donated directly to a military member. Please help Kathryn and the Indiana Fever with this donation. If you wish to purchase tickets for yourself to attend along with the donation ticket please call Ashley Peavey at (317) 902-1927.

Kathryn was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall and had her initial surgery on Nov. 1. After the surgery and pathology results came back, she found out that she would have to have Chemo and radiation and eventually another surgery.

Kathryn kept my diagnosis to myself for a while, but after she found out that her cancer was further along and larger than the doctors initially thought, she had to tell other people. The first thing everyone always asks is what they can do to help. For her, she is lucky in that my job is supportive of her time off and her family and some close friends have really been taking care of any immediate needs that she has. What Kathryn had to give up though was volunteer work and some charitable donations. Please visit Kathryn’s Facebook page called 15 Treatments, 15 Charities to learn about all the other amazing organizations she is supporting.


A Fever game is perfect for entertaining clients, building camaraderie or simply having fun!