Game Day Instructions — Halftime Performance

Whatever your group’s activity, take it to the main court of Bankers Life Fieldhouse and perform in front of thousands of Fever fans at halftime!

Instructions —

  • If your group is bringing a bus, you may pull onto Bankers Life Court (the alley that is directly north of Bankers Life Fieldhouse and is located between the Fieldhouse and the Maryland Street Parking Garage) to drop off any participants, spectators, and equipment. The bus must move and park elsewhere directly after dropping off participants, spectators, and equipment. See Parking Information for buses below.
  • Participants and spectators may enter Bankers Life Fieldhouse through the Entry Pavilion (main and only entrance to Bankers Life Fieldhouse) either via Pennsylvania Street, Delaware Street, the side entrance on Bankers Life Court, or the skyway that is elevated above Delaware Street connecting the Entry Pavilion to the Virginia Ave. Garage.
  • All participants should meet at the big green clock located in front of the box office on the Pennsylvania Street side of the Entry Pavilion 15 minutes prior to tipoff (example: meet at 6:45 pm for a 7:00 pm tipoff). A Fever Group Sales Representative will meet the participants there at that time to escort the group to the appropriate place.
  • All participants should come dressed and ready to perform. Pacers Sports & Entertainment will make all accommodations necessary to secure a star room & warm up area for the participants, but this is not a guarantee.
  • Please make note of the opponent the Fever are playing on your game night. We ask that your group not wear any colors or display any logos that resemble the opposing team during your performance.
  • All participants must have a ticket to the game to enter the main concourse and be eligible to perform.
  • Participants must have all bags and equipment checked by security prior to entering the main concourse.
  • All spectators must go to purchased seats. Spectators may not go with participants to the star room and warm up area unless certain spectators are directly involved in the performance.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: If you are a spectator picking up a participant after the conclusion of a halftime performance, simply go to the big green freight elevator located outside of Section 18 on the main concourse. Participants from the halftime performance will be coming up to the main concourse from that elevator following their performance.
  • Directly following the Halftime Show, a Fever Group Sales Representative will escort any participants who are not being picked up by a spectator outside of Section 18 to purchased seats to enjoy the rest of the Fever game.
  • Pacers Sports & Entertainment will not store any bags or equipment after the performance is over.
  • All participants must sign a waiver to be eligible to do ANY activity on the court.
  • For Parking Information and Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our Parking Information page and FAQs page.
  • This Fan Experience requires that a waiver form be filled out by each participant. For any participants age 18 and under, a legal parent/guardian must fill out the waiver on their behalf. To download the waiver for this experience, click here.


A Fever game is perfect for entertaining clients, building camaraderie or simply having fun!